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Advanced Nail Art Workshop

Three amazing nail art workshops in one day providing Nail Technicians and Nail artists an opportunity to enhance their craft and bring their skill set to the next level! Learn from one of Canada’s top artists. A full day of easy to follow step by step instruction for incorporating new nail art trends, styles and advanced designs into Nail Services.

  1. Learn how to create and build different nail shapes on forms including stiletto, long pointed and almond.
  2. Develop your skills and confidence of rhinestone placement and security, building gems out of gel, embedding.
  3. Learn beginner one-stroke and hand painting techniques with acrylic paints that will astonish your clients and keep them coming back.
Price: $500
Certification: Advanced Nail Art
Schedule: 1 day 9am-6pm
Course Outline:

9am-12pm: Build

12:30pm-3pm: Bling

3pm-6pm: Brush


Prerequisite: Certified Nail Technician

Class Information

 625 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3N3
 Number of Week1 Day
 Open:December 1, 2017
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