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Extreme Shapes Nail Workshop

Get in shape with the most requested nail trends! The foundation for achieving these nail shapes begins with understanding the theory on proper structure and apex placement to create strength. The focus on the workshop is to build confidence and enhance the Nail Technician’s skills on shaping the nail to achieve a variety on nail forms including; square, round, oval, almond, pointed, coffin/ballerina. You will further explore the unique craftsmanship of creating an extreme stiletto and edge nails shape.

Price: $500
Certification: Extreme Shapes Nail Workshop
Schedule: 1 day 9am-3pm
Course Outline:

Day 1
AM: Theory training
PM: Practical training


Prerequisite: Certified Nail Technician


Class Information

 625 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3N3
 Number of Week1 Day
 Open:December 1, 2017
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